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CPI Security Features Real Time Reporting Unlike Any Other!

Casey Clark

CPI Security Features Real Time Reporting Unlike Any Other!

by Casey Clark

Sep 17

GPS Verified Real-Time Reporting

At CPI Security, we use a comprehensive GPS security guard tracking system with rich documentation. The real-time reporting feature of our GPS-verified tracking system provides up-to-the-minute information regarding the location of each security guard on duty. This is useful in ensuring that security guards are patrolling all parts of the properties to which they are assigned.

All of our guards on patrol carry Samsung Galaxy tablets, which they use to fill out and immediately submit reports. They can report on specific incidents and activities as well as create a daily activity report (DAR) that is instantly accessible to clients via a desktop computer or mobile device. The tablets are GPS-enabled and track each security guard’s whereabouts. If an incident occurs, a customer can track down the security guard’s exact location and the action performed. Security guard communication, tracking, and reporting have never been easier!

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