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CPI's New Site is Live!

Casey Clark

CPI's New Site is Live!

by Casey Clark

Aug 01

Website interface will change everything!

“NEW ERA”:    After years of careful consideration and planning CPI Security Solutions has launched a website without equal or rivals; when it comes to our industry, “proving” where we were and when has been a problem for everyone in our field. 

At CPI we now have the perfect “Security Solution” with our, NEW ERA System, which stands for No more Explaining Why - Electronic Reporting and Accountability, or NEW - ERA.  No more explaining where the guard was or wasn’t, no more explaining where the report and/or photos are, no more explaining the value added by utilizing our services, Period.  The data and proof are available real time and the collection and inspection process are infallible.

“Best yet”:       There are other methods to ensure a guard is making his/her appointed rounds, but our custom designed, proprietary software, or NEW ERA system is the absolute best available, accomplishes vastly more, and is beyond reproach.

“Fool Proof”:   Every time a guard logs in and updates his or her Daily Activity Report, or DAR, the date, time, local weather, and their GPS location to within a few feet is noted and logged.  It is technologically impossible for the noted info to be altered, or “Fooled”, and thus CPI has advanced the solution to the bane of our industry. A completed DAR and any accompanying Incident Report, or IR, along with relevant photos is then sent to all designated recipients.

“Client Contact”:          Throughout their shift on standing sites the guard(s) will log in to the website and select the Check in Log, or CiL, he/she then select the client or store from that site’s list and briefly offer a representative their device to just type their initials, this takes just a moment and again the GPS notes their location to within a few feet.  When businesses are open this task or check in is performed once or twice every hour depending on the number of tenants available.  These are selected at random with consideration paid to specific types of business being busier at certain times, (i.e.) we wouldn’t make contact with an eatery during lunch rush, etc.

“Data Mining”:             All DAR’s, IR’s and CiL’s are archived and available for review at any time.  All fields are available for data mining for specific guard info and tenant contact history.  For example; we can track and inform how many times a particular guard has been to contact a particular tenant.  This kind of data is especially helpful when it’s budget time and a tenant is complaining about the CAM costs and justifies his complaint with the usual, “we don’t see security enough”, etc.  It is also a great tool for tracking a guards performance while on the job.

The list of ways this interface will benefit our clientele as well as being a phenomenal management tool are simply endless!  Our continued efforts create innovative answers and techniques is just one reason at CPI we truly offer Security Solutions with “Service you trust, Trust you can verify!”

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