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Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle Patrol

CPI Security offers security patrol services that are a powerful deterrent to crime.

CPI Security offers security patrol services that are a powerful deterrent to crime. Vehicle patrol services enhance safety as well as reduce the risk of vandalism and theft on your property. As part of our security patrol service, CPI Security provides highly trained, uniformed security guards in marked cars who patrol sites looking out for issues. 

CPI Security’s vehicle patrol security officers are trained to spot anything out of the ordinary and prevent problems from arising. Our vehicle patrol services are tailored to your needs and concerns and may include the following:


  • Patrolling parking areas
  • Door checks
  • Lights out
  • Checking for graffiti
  • Monitoring of parking violations
  • Checking for vandalism
  • Looking for people who don’t belong on the property

Accountability is important to CPI Security. We provide all of our security guards with cell phones and tablets, so they can instantly notify you of any issues that you need to be aware of while they patrol your property. Our patrol officers are constantly on the move, so we use GPS technology to track their whereabouts and give you detailed accounts of their patrols.

Our security guards are trained to fill out a 20-point Daily Activity Report (DAR) and an Incident Report (IR) that you can access on a 24/7 basis using any desktop computer or web-enabled device. Our patrol personnel are ready to support your needs in a variety of ways and are available to man temporary patrol routes or provide permanent coverage. 

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